Desserts. We don’t always have the luxury of dessert after dinner, but when we do, it’s something special for the family.

The following recipes give step-by-step instructions with details, descriptions and any advice I may have because I want these desserts to come out as successful and delicious for you as they do for my family.



These are my family recipes. All these dishes, desserts, cookies and breads have been an integral part of our family life. Food brings us nourishment, sentimentality and memory.

Many of these recipes are quick and easy. Some recipes are more challenging and time consuming. All of the recipes are do-able. I have tried to simplify the recipes as much as possible, but I did not want to skimp on detail and description because I so understand the frustration of not knowing if everything is going the way it’s supposed to go – especially when preparing something new and unfamiliar.

And as I always, my recipes are less about what is traditional or trendy and more about what my family enjoys. Please enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

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