glazed mochi donuts

Easy Mochi Donuts

Mochi donuts are not typical doughnuts. They are a treat all their own. Slightly sweet, crispy, chewy and even a bit bouncy. They are made from glutinous rice flour, just like mochi, which gives these donuts their wonderful dense and chewy texture.


Really Good Chewy Homemade Bagels (Yudane Method for Better, Fresher Bagels)

Bagels. Mmm. Make your own. You can eat them fresh out of the oven when they are at their crispiest, chewiest and softest, to which no store-bought bagel can even come close. And thanks to the use of yudane, these bagels will stay soft and chewy even as long as some of your commercially-made bagels, but without the added preservatives.