Top view soft sandwich bread

Soft & Delicious Sandwich Milk Bread (Pullman Loaves)

This Soft Sandwich Milk Bread is soft, moist and light. It is enriched with milk and eggs so it's also full of flavor. And because of the secret ingredient - tangzhong, it will stay soft and moist for days.

fluffy wool roll bread loaf

Soft and Fluffy Wool Roll Bread (Tangzhong)

Wool Roll Bread is everywhere on Instagram. And no wonder. It's a beautiful thing to look at - so tempting with a lovely, crisp, striated crust over a soft, fluffy loaf bursting out of the pan. This wool roll bread loaf is made with my fluffiest milk bread recipe and is filled with cheese and brushed with garlic butter. But you can fill your bread with anything you like - sweet or savory.

Pandesal in a bowl

Soft and Airy Pandesal (Tangzhong)

Soft and Airy Pandesal are fluffy little Filipino bread rolls. They are incredibly light, tender and a little bit sweet. What makes these pandesal extra soft and tender is tangzhong. Tangzhong is the special ingredient in many fluffy Asian breads that will make these pandesal softer, airier and will keep them fresher longer.