vanilla bean sugar doughnut bitten

Vanilla Bean Sugar Doughnuts (Fluffy Brioche – Tangzhong)

These vanilla bean sugar-dipped doughnuts are made from brioche - a soft enriched dough, full of butter and eggs. They are sweetly fragrant, wonderfully rich and (thanks to tangzhong) exceptionally airy and soft.

brioche wool roll bread

Fluffy Brioche Wool Roll Loaf (tangzhong) with Praline Gianduja

Brioche Wool Roll Loaf filled with Praline Gianduja. Mmmm. This soft and fluffy brioche is feathery-light, yet rich with eggs and butter and then filled with a rich praline gianduja. What is praline gianduja? Think "Nutella" but with lovely notes of caramel. Oh my.