brioche fluffy interior

Soft and Airy Brioche (Tangzhong)

This Soft and Airy Brioche is a feathery-light enriched bread. It's full of eggs and butter, so it's rich in flavor and very soft. This recipe also uses tangzhong (a cooked slurry of flour and water) which boosts this bread's airiness, makes it extra pillowy and helps keep the bread fresh and soft for days.

brioche wool roll bread

Fluffy Brioche Wool Roll Loaf (tangzhong) with Praline Gianduja

Brioche Wool Roll Loaf filled with Praline Gianduja. Mmmm. This soft and fluffy brioche is feathery-light, yet rich with eggs and butter and then filled with a rich praline gianduja. What is praline gianduja? Think "Nutella" but with lovely notes of caramel. Oh my.