crab Rangoon

Easy Crab Rangoon (with a garlic and ginger Sweet & Sour Sauce)

Crab Rangoon is a crunchy little dumpling appetizer of wontons filled with cream cheese and crab then fried until crispy and golden. It is so very tasty and very simple. If you like, serve with a garlic and ginger Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Frost while warm

Soft & Tender Cinnamon Rolls (Tangzhong)

These Soft Cinnamon Rolls are incredibly tender and light. They are perfectly sweet and slathered in a whipped, buttery, cream cheese icing. These cinnamon rolls are made using tangzhong (a cooked slurry of flour and milk), which contributes to their soft, airy texture. It will also help your cinnamon rolls stay soft the next day, the next and even the next.