Wonton Soup sq

Tasty Chicken Wonton Soup

Meaty little handmade dumplings and a flavorful, light soy broth make this Wonton Soup a very tasty labor of love. Serve this light soup as a prelude to your meal or add some bitter greens, shiitake mushrooms and even noodles for a more substantial soup to serve as a meal.

bowl of Sinigang na Manok with rice

Sinigang na Manok with Tamarind (A Flavorful Filipino Chicken Stew)

Sinigang na Manok is a comforting, brothy, Filipino chicken stew, tangy and tart from tamarind, fragrant from ginger and garlic with a kick of heat from Bird Eye chilies. Serve with steamed white rice and a dipping bowl of fish sauce with a chili crushed into it on the side.