mechado with potatoes and peppers

Beef Mechado (A Very Tasty Filipino Beef Stew)

Mechado is a Filipino dish of tender pieces of beef cooked slowly in a stew of tomato, soy, lemon and bay leaf. Sometimes vegetables such as carrots and bell peppers are added. In our house, we often like to add Spanish olives and crispy potatoes.

bowl of Sinigang na Manok with rice

Sinigang na Manok with Tamarind (A Flavorful Filipino Chicken Stew)

Sinigang na Manok is a comforting, brothy, Filipino chicken stew, tangy and tart from tamarind, fragrant from ginger and garlic with a kick of heat from Bird Eye chilies. Serve with steamed white rice and a dipping bowl of fish sauce with a chili crushed into it on the side.